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Railway Rail Rescue Tool – Emergency Railroad Track Repair Tool

Railway C-clamp is called rail rescue device or rail rescuer, it is used as an emergency railroad track repair tool or rail maintenance tool, it is widely used in the railroad engineering department.

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Features of Railway Rail Rescue Tool :
1. Reinforce the welding strips judged to be various types of damage on the line.
2. Perform emergency reinforcement treatment when the rail or welding strip is broken.
3. The damages at the welding strips of thermite welding, gas pressure welding, and resistance welding can be clamped firmly. The damaged rails between the sleepers or on the sleepers can be clamped. It is formed by the precision casting of alloy steel, with beautiful appearance, lightweight, convenient carrying, impact resistance, and long service life.
4. Stock a spare set at the bottom of each kilometer mark and half kilometer mark rail, which is very convenient and timely when used.
5. When the rail is broken, the operator does not need to bring the drum splint and first-aid device to the site, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator and greatly shortens the time for handling the broken rail.
6. After the damaged rail reinforcement is installed, the normal operation of the train can be ensured.
The rail emergency device is convenient and flexible to load and unload, the clamping is firm and reliable, and the toolbox is easy to carry. It is a convenient and reliable emergency repair tool for the railway engineering department to temporarily rescue rail fractures.

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