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T-Bolts – Railway Track Bolts – Sherardized

T-type Rail Bolts in the railway construction are used to fix the track fastening systems with other rail fasteners to fix the steel rails.

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Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd(AT) provides various types of track bolts and widely used for railway construction, such as Anchor bolts, T-head bolts, Clip bolts, Clamp bolts, Button head oval neck track bolts, Diamond neck track bolts, Fish bolts, and inserted bolts, and other special bolts, etc.

T-type rail bolts are black oxidized, zinc galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, or Dacromate.

The performance grades of track bolts are divided into more than 10 grades such as 3.6, 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 6.8, 8.8, 9.8, 10.9, 12.9, among which track bolts of grades 8.8 and above are made of low-carbon alloy steel or medium-carbon steel and are heat-treated (quenched, tempered), commonly known as high-strength bolts, and the rest are commonly known as ordinary bolts.

Anyang Railway Equipment Co., Ltd(AT) is able to provide various grades of track bolts, T-type bolts as per the customer’s requirements.

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